Uno-X Mobility's mission is to develop and promote solutions for sustainable mobility

Our values lead the way to change

Having our strong set of values and attitudes integrated in the way we work enables us to better protect the environment, social issues, people, and human rights in our operations and through our engagement in cycling.

Joins forces

REMA 1000 on the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team jersey

As the Norwegian-Danish Uno-X Pro Cycling Team heads to the Tour de France, followed by 150 million people in Europe, they will have REMA 1000 on their jerseys.


Uno-X Mobility has been given the

2022 Swan Award

The Swan Award by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel goes to Uno-X for its dedication to the expansion of car washes with the Nordic Swan ecolabel.


The future of mobility

Ultrafast EV charging at Uno-X

Electrification of road transport will form a substantial part of society’s strategies to mitigate climate change. A successful electrification of passenger car transport is dependent on an EV charging infrastructure.

Our new sustainable solution

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled car wash

In our newest car wash the wastewater is cleaned approximately 90 percent better from oil and heavy metals, which prevents dangerous emissions from leaking into the environment. Water consumption is reduced by about 80 percent.

Sustainable mobility

No palm or soy oil in our biofuel

We wish to choose the most climate effective material in our biofuel – therefore we only use materials that are not based on palm or soy oil.

Uno-X Pro Cycling Team

The main reason is to promote cycling as an important measure for reducing emissions from road transport.

A winning culture for everybody

Our philosophy is based on a strong belief in the individual. We cultivate a winning culture. For everybody. And for every gender, race, or background.

Responsibility. An integrated part of our business

Taking responsibility for our impact on society has always been an integrated part of operating. To measure and define our goals, we have integrated ESG topics in our way to do business. Furthermore, we have based our efforts on five UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Business areas with great abilities

Uno-X Mobility is a part of Reitan Retail. Our self service mobility locations is often co-located with REMA 1000 and 7-Eleven in Norway and Denmark.

Uno-X Men’s Team to the 2023 Tour de France